*Indicates treatment with the addition of the Aromatherm 3 in 1 Capsule.

This is a state of the art alternative to traditional body wraps, delivering increased results while insuring comfort, warmth and privacy.

The steam function drenches every inch of skin with moisture, preparing  and enhancing further treatment. Programmed Vichy shower patterns increase lymphatic drainage while you enjoy a gentle rain.

*Kimberly's Lavender Field Detoxifying Body  Scrub...$130

Custom blended essential oils of juniper, grapefruit, rosemary and lavender to name a few comprise the detoxifying properties of this amazing treatment.

Lavender powder and Lavender flowers impart a calming restorative sensation along with the detoxifying and replenishing help of pink Himalayan salt

to gently buff away tired, dry skin while you steam to impart a deep sense of relaxation and facilitate optimal penetration of botanicals. Patterned Vichy

stimulates lymphatic drainage to remove stagnant fluid and toxins from tissue. Helps tone flaccid skin and leaves you feeling refreshed. Great anytime of the year

and wonderful to get you started with any commitment to a healthier, better you. 


This state of the art deep tissue apparatus gently vacuums and folds the sin between two rollers to even out the pitting effect

associated with cellulite. The procedure incorporates three channels to address lymphatic stagnation, circulation and epidermal

appearance and muscle.

*Pummel and Purge...single treatment $150.....series of 3 $399 (must be completed in 2 weeks)

Each session begins with 30 mins of PRCell. The tri phasic mechanical endermologie style machine that stimulates lymphatic drainage, increases oxygenation

and heat to increase circulation to problematic targeted areas and then breaks down hard adipose and cellulite deposits with deep, deep tissue massage.Next a

blend of detoxifying essential oils in nourishing carrier oils are applied to your entire body. Now the rest is easy. Enjoy a 30 minute steam to enhance the work of the

essential oils to detoxify and begin the elimination process.

*Aromatherapy Salt Glow...$99

Restore your skin's radiant glow with an exfoliating sea salt enriched with a blend of nourishing  and essential oils. As these delightful

scents entice your senses, your entire body is gently polished to a silky smooth finish. Ideal before a massage or another body treatment

to maximize results or wonderful all on it's own!