Skin Fit Treatment for Men


Key Ingredients:
 ~Blend of Hibiscus Esculentus and Oligo-Saccharides
~Seaweed Extract
~Squalane Oil
~Caviar Extract
~Marine Collagen
~Marine Elastin

SkinFit Mask Treatment
Age gracefully and maintain a competitive edge. Counteract the aging process with this proven-effective advanced treatment specifically formulated for men. Rejuvenating Caviar and repairing freeze-dried Escutox® (Hibiscus Esculentus Blend) replenish skin while counteracting aging aggressors. Visibly resurfacing, this mask promotes healthy, youthful-looking skin.


*Repairing, nourishing
*Wrinkle smoothing
*Strengthens elasticity​

*Provides immediate radiance and rejuvenation​

Vortex Micro Derm-abrasion & Myoxy Caviar treatment $180

A resurfacing treatment which uses a spray of crystals to remove dead cell layers, break apart age and sun spots, smooth out fine lines and scars while leaving the skin glowing,

fresher and younger looking is the beginning of this amazing treatment. Then the decadent skin care with tri-phase masque application for replenishing amino acids (proteins essential for skin elasticity & firmness), oligo elements (enzymatic activity & cellular health & regeneration. Filmo-tech...100% Caviar ingredient technology, Caviar Cream Masque... Potent anti-aging vitamins such as vitamin E(anti-oxidant), vitamin C (wrinkle smoothing) & vitamin A (combats atrophy). Caviar lift off masque...

Bi-thermal process for maximum absorbency. This treatment incorporates purest ingredients at maximum efficacy with the latest technology in a profoundly relaxing

experience with amazing results for a healthy luminous complexion. 120 minutes.

Head to Toe
Luxurious skin care treatment with deep exfoliating fruit acids and peel off fruit masque for deeply hydrated luminous skin. For your feet, Baby Foot natural exfoliating peel treatment....


Luxe skin care treatment for beautiful luminous skin. A deeply relaxing treatment using a blend of fruit acids to gently and effectively remove dry summer skin that dulls the complexion, followed by a hydrating face, neck and decollete massage to stimulate blood flow and a healthy glow, The finishing touches include an aromatic modulant fruit masque and collagen building light therapy. A fresh bloom on your skin for the second half of summer.

Rediscover your baby soft feet!

One of my very favorite products of all time.

Baby Foot contains 17 kinds of natural extracts which have a high moisturizing power and astringency, thus the sole becomes smooth after peeling. Baby Foot not only peels the dead skin cells from your feet, it also maintains the grain of the skin and adds moisture to the skin. This encourages foot health.
Slip into Baby Foot's magical botanical booties after the application of a warm towel to prep your feet and let the peeling process begin while you relax during your skin care treatment. After the booties come off enjoy the warm sensation again of a steam towel compress. Ah....heavenly!

Some things to note: ~This is not a pedicure, it is a natural peeling and moisturizing treatment for the feet. it is designed to remove dead and calloused skin imparting softness like a baby's foot and general foot health.
                              ~ It takes between 24 and 72 hours before the peeling begins and peeling can occur for 24 to 48 hours. The amount and degree of peeling depends on the degree of calloused and dry skin. Do not pick or peel. You may use a warm washcloth to remove flakes.


Time Resist Jour for daytime
50 ml. airless jar
96% natural ingredients
* Youth activating - redensifying : Plant-based Saponaria Pumila stem cells, Youth Energy lipoaminoacid, wakame extract. * Hydrating - nourrishing : vegetable glycerin, grape seed oil, shea butter. * Wrinkle filler : microspheres(hyaluronic acid low molecular weight + konjac), hyaluronic acid, oat polysaccharides.
Time Resist Nuit for nighttime 
50 ml. airless jar
92% natural ingredients
* Youth activating - redensifying : Plant-based Saponaria Pumila stem cells, Youth Energy lipoaminoacid, wakame extract. 
* Hydrating - nourrishing : vegetable glycerin, grape seed oil, shea butter. 
*Anti-fatigue - smoothing : Sacha Inchi oil, Euglena gracilis extract, silk tree extract.

Time Resist Duo:
Evening & Day......$235
purchased separately $120
Aging is a part of the natural life cycle, which is predetermined at birth. Aging skin reveals the effects of time passing and the skin can thin, wrinkle, and loose its density and radiance. External factors (pollution, smoking, alcohol, sun, etc.) speed up these phenomena. 

The TIME RESIST duo is therefore a precious ally for your skin: it provides it with advanced natural ingredient technology that neutralizes the effects of these external factors: controlling the visible signs of aging. At the heart of these velvety and hydrating formulas is an all-new synergy that combines new-generation plant-based stem cells with the anti-inflamm'aging Youth Energy lipoaminoacid, to uphold your skin's youth. At night, the Euglena gracilis and silk tree extracts replenish and revitalize your skin so it appears firm and fresh upon wakening. 
In time, wrinkles are visibly smoothed, skin is plumped, signs of tiredness are diminished and your complexion is much brighter.
After 28 days of using the TIME RESIST creams, skin is smoother, firmer and more supple and elastic : 

* Reduced wrinkles: -75%* 
* 100%** of women found their skin to be more beautiful 
*CLINICAL TEST - Dermatological evaluation after application of the TIME RESIST duo in the morning and evening by 20 women aged 40 to 55 for 4 weeks (best results) **CONSUMER TEST - Self-evaluation after application of the TIME RESIST duo in the morning and evening by 45 women aged 35 to 55 for 4 weeks.

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