Swedish.....30 Min./$50.....60 Min./$80.....90 Min./$125.....120 Min./$165

A classic European full body massage technique that helps soothe and relax tired muscles.

Stimulates lymphatic drainage and circulation using mild to moderate pressure.

Deep Tissue.....30 Min./$55.....60 Min./$85.....90 Min./$135

A more aggressive type of localized massage in which deep strokes and compression to specific muscles are used to help eliminate

knots and alleviate discomfort due to chronic pain and stress.

Aromatherapy.....60 Min./$85.....90 Min./$135

A luxurious full body massage in which a blend of essential oils are customized to your state of mind, energy level

and mood, resulting in a balanced body, mind and spirit. 

Prenatal.....60 Min./$80

A wonderful and beneficial experience for both mother and child.

Performed by a certified professional trained in this modality.

Hot Stone Massage.....60 Min./$95

A classic European full body massage with the incorporation of warm basalt stones and essential oils.

Tibetan Shirodhara.....60 Min./$130
"Take time to go deep and feel totally supported at all levels of your being.  Tibetan Shirodhara takes you on a journey through a seamless rhythm of four traditional Tibetan bodywork techniques that conclude with the poring of a continuous stream of warm oil over the forehead to profoundly relax the body and bring peace and clarity to the mind.  Rest in quiet space and experience your true self.  Shirodhara is a deeply nurturing psycho-spiritual experience that attunes the body/mind towards spontaneous healing. Shirodhara is called psycho-spiritual massage in Tibetan medicine and is felt to embody a total mind, body, and spirit experience. It is recommended for those with the following needs.
*deep relaxation and/or stress reduction*rejuvenation after deep cleansing *headaches/migraines *insomnia *anxiety *better decision making power *better clarity and focus *to quickly recover from jetlag *to deeply rest and nourish the nervous system.
More benefits from each of the Four Steps of Tibetan Shirodhara
Step One: Benefits of the Psychological Stress Sequence
A gentle anointing of twelve marma (vital energy) points with essential oils calms the mind and helps you to feel more present physically and mentally.
calms the mind and helps you to feel more present physically and mentally.
Step Two: Benefits of the Abdominal Massage
Warmed scented oil is poured onto the abdomen and then a gentle and rhythmic massage physically increases blood supply to the gut. This has a deeply calming effect.
Step Three: Benefits of the Tibetan Eye Rejuvenation Treatment
A cooling eye pillow is rested over the closed eyes to coax the eye area to relax as the feet are massaged with scented coconut oil and the hands massaged with essential oils.  The feet and hands are then cleansed with steam towels  and then rested on  warmed stones. This process calms, and attracts heat away from the eyes, which naturally become rehydrated. 
Step Four: The Benefits of Shirodhara
A continuous fine stream of warm oil is poured continuously over the forehead for 15 minutes. 

The touch of the oil opens marma (vital energy) points that allow the body/mind to sink into

a deep letting go.  The subtle energy channels that form the chakras are relaxed around the

"third eye" chakra, which brings a freshness and clarity to the mind.  Shirodhara balances all

of the doshas.  It can even facilitate a spontaneous re-adjustment of the neck and spinal vertabra. 
After the warm oil stream is completed a scalp massage is performed to facilitate a deep sense of well-being.

The nourishing oils stimulate circulation deep into the hair follicles and we encourage you to leave the oils in your

hair for at least an hour to enjoy a wonderful hair and scalp treatment for a glowing mane! So don't forget to bring a ball cap or hat!
Note: if abdomen massage is not your thing, please let us know. We are happy to substitute  upper back work instead