THE PLANTOMER Skin Care treatment and Compulift eye treatment....&175

​High performing and result-driven, the Plantomer Facial visibly enhance skin’s texture and maximises hydration. This refreshing, soft lift-off mask combines the hydrating benefits of Seaweed, the ocean’s finest resource, with revitalising Propolis, a natural healing and desensitising substance, rich in natural antibiotics and Vitamin A.

Soothing, cooling and calming, the Plantomer Facial renders the skin undeniably radiant with highly visible results. It is tailored to promote healing and desensitise, reduce puffiness and redness, whilst addressing micro-circulation problems and ideal for those with sensitivity, eczema, psoriasis, hormonal breakouts, and men.

The name Plantomer is inspired by the French Plante de La Mer, meaning Plant of the Sea, and is a direct reference to the powerful properties of Seaweed harnessed in this exceptional treatment​

Microdermabrasion and 
Compulift eye treatment
Complimentary Baby Foot Moisture Masque...$199

Skin Care Tip: 
Wonder why your moisturizer ..isn't and your makeup just sits on your skin, won't blend and looks dry and awful? In a word; exfoliation, or lack thereof in this case. When you try to combat dry skin by applying copious amounts of moisturizer and serums you really just waste product. Hmm try a masque you say? Well you are just really building an expensive masque on the dry skin masque you are already wearing! Dry summer skin not only looks unattractive it creates a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria that cause breakouts. Your skin simply loses its ability to breathe and exercise proper lymphatic drainage and that is why it is important to have professional exfolliation regularly. That said the above special is perfect for managing stressed summertime skin. The myotonolgy eye lift treatment is a wonderful extra to lift delicate tissue around the eyes to give a more defined youthful look. 
Vive l'ete!

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Compulift Myotonology, watch the video to see how it works and why it's right for you

All three treatments include the Rejuvena Classique facial for optimum results and relaxation. All three treatments must be scheduled and completed in two weeks. Unfortunately we can make NO exceptions as maximum results are obtained when completed on time.What a great way to welcome spring.